Charlie Hayes Racing




Motorsport Chassis Development

Whether your building a new chassis or wanting to get more out of your current car, CHR can help consult and develop a car to win. Always built to the limit of series regulations. With the experience of CHR having a safe and championship caliber car is the only way. We cut no corners. 

Racing Organizations 

  • SCCA Club Racing

  • NASA Pro Racing

  • IMSA

  • Pirelli World Challenge

  • Pirelli Drivers Cup


Driver Development 

CHR will put together an extensive program to a championship winning effort. Its not just about speed. We focus on endurance, fitness, and getting comfortable at the high physical and mental demands motorsports brings to any driver. 

Trackside Support 

  • Motorsport Technician

  • Data Acquisition Analysis

  • Fabrication

  • Consulting

  • Driver Coaching

  • Chassis Setup and Alignment